Lowriders is a foundation that explores the spaces between genres of electronic music in its programming.

Started off 2006 as an idea for a dubstep evening, Lowriders grew in a short time from an exploration of the possibilities that dubstep offered, to a search for the outer limits of dance music.

Lowriders Recordings was a next step from 2010-2017 (discogs)

In recent years we have increasingly focused on the suburbs of electronic music. Our main focus is the crossovers between genres, styles and experiments.

As program makers, curators, taste makers and music lovers, we note that the range of electronic music in the Netherlands and especially in Rotterdam is dominated by house, techno and disco. There is not enough adventure in programming for our taste. While it is precisely at the edges of genres and in the outlying areas where these genres interfere with each other, the best, most exciting discoveries can be made.

For us it happens there. At the place where the experiment comes to the surface in an unstable, investigative jet outspoken form, we, as program makers, like to listen. That is precisely where we want to create structural offerings.



Gemeente Rotterdam
Motel Mozaïque
Rotterdam Festivals
Plus Plus Community
Future Flux Festival
The Backery
Bound Centre

History of artists

1000 names (Eklektik records, Bul)
6BLOCC (Lo Dubs, USA)
A.G. (Rinse FM, UK)
Acre (Codes, Tectonic, UK)
Akkachar (Conflict, Rwina, NL)
Akira Kiteshi (Black Arce, UK)
Anstam (Anstam, D)
Ard Bit (Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Arts the Beatdoctor (Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Ash Koosha (Realms, IRAN)
Bass Cleff (Blank Tapes, UK)
Beans (WARP, USA)
Benjamin Freling (200.000 turntables | ponyclub, NL)
Blunt Speakers (NL)
Bojcot Selectah (Randstad Rollers, NL)
Brutuzz (Conflict, NL)
Cane (Marguerita Recordings | Colony | WARP, NL)
Celestial Trax (Purple Tape Pedigree, FIN)
Charly & Gallus (Antilounge, NL)
Coco Bryce (Myor, Harmonia, NL)
C.O.N.E (Nonine Crew, NL)
Cupp Cave ( Ramp, Vlek, Surf Kill, B)
Dabrye Ghostly International, USA)
Dagger DX (Lowriders Recordings, Los Bangeles, NL)
Débruit (Musique Large, F)
Deft (20/20 LDN, Space Hardware, UK)
Distal (Tectonic, US)
Doshy  (Lowriders Recordings, Saturated, D)
DTM Funk (BE)
Dutch Dolls (NL)
Dynooo (Mac Fly, Rush Hour, B)
FilosofischeStilte (Lowriders Recordings, Saturated, NL)
Franco Franco (IT)
Fulgeance (Musique Large, F)
Ghislain Poirier (Chocolat Industries, Ninja Tune, CA)
Ghost Mutt (Lowriders Recordings, Donky Pitch, UK)
Gomes (Oi!, NL)
Herrmutt Lobby (Confined, Eat Concrete, BE)
Holowave (Bound Centre, NL)
Hovatron (Turbocrunk, Mainbrain, Can)
Ice Viper (Lowriders Recordings, Bound Centre, NL)
Imaabs (N A A F I, MEX)
Imhotel (Bound Centre, Kampung, NL)
Jahcoozi (a Sound, DE)
Jameszoo (Rwina, Kindred Spirits Brainfeeder, NL)
Jlsxnd7rs (Lowriders Recordings, Slimzos Dubplate, NL)
Julstar (Mañana, NL)
Julien Mier (King Deluxe, Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Kalbata (Soul Jazz, Isr)
Kanji Kinetic (Rag & Bone, Rwina, UK)
Kettel (Sending Orbs, Djak-Up-Bitch, NL)
KidKanevil (First Word, UK)
Kinlaw (Haunter Records, UK)
Know V.A. (Lowriders, NL)
Kwam (Mean Streets, UK)
Kypski (Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Lewis James (Lowriders Recordings, UK)
Lunice (LuckyMe, CAN)
L-Vis 1990 (Mad Decent, Très Cool, Dress 2 Sweat, UK)
Marked (Dubstance, NL)
Martina Lussi (Latency, CH)
Mataklap (Plattegrond, NL)
Matt Tdk (TDK, Vuig, NL)
Mike Redman (Redrum, Deformer, NL)
Miss Delicious (NL)
Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder, Hit+Run, USA)
Mwëslee (Rush Hour, Nod Navigators, Arkestra, ES)
Nicon (Subway, NL)
Nika (Radical, NL)
Noah D (Subway, USA)
Panda Lassow (ANUS, D/NL)
Pete Concrete (Eat Concrete, NL)
Powell (XL, Diagonal, UK)
Rachel Green (NL)
Randy Barracuda (Harmonia, Flogsta Danshall, FIN)
DJ Rashad (Juke Trax, Planet Mu, Hyperdub, US)
Robot Koch  (Up My Alley, DE)
Rocks Foe (Black Acre, UK)
Roly Porter (Subtext, Tri Angle, UK)
Roop (NL)
Sam A La Bamalot (LoMechanik, Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Shackleton (Skull Disco, UK)
Sick Girls (Tigerbeat6, DE)
Sixtoo (Ninja Tune, CA)
Sky H1 (CODES, B)
Slow Hand Motëm (Astro:DynamicsFlogsta Danshall, Can)
Slugabed (Stuff Records, Ramp, Planet Mu, UK)
Soda Plains (Liminal Sounds, UK)
Spinn (Juke Trax, Hyperdub US)
Squeaky Lobster (Vlek Records, B)
Starkey (Trouble & Bass | Starksound | Lodubs, USA)
Sweat X (Citinite, SA)
Subp Yao (Saturate!, NL)
Th‘Aquisition (NL)
Touchy Subject (Rua Sound, UK)
Victor Metske (Bound Centre, NL)
Warlock (Rag & Bone, Sub FM, UK)
Yon Eta (NL)
Zebra Katz (Mad Decent, UK)
Zes (Fog Mountain Records, NL)